Anadigm Offers New FreezeFrame FPAA Program

October 03, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Anadigm (Tempe, AZ), a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in programmable analog chips for audio, industrial, RFID, and environmental control systems, launched a new program that will provide customers using its field-programmable analog arrays (FPAAs) in high-volume applications with a cost-reduction path yielding savings up to 60% over the life of a given design.

Under the new Anadigm® FreezeFrame™ program, customers who are using FPAAs in production designs can arrange with Anadigm to obtain a lower-cost, structured ASIC that serves as a drop-in replacement for the FPAA device. By removing programming and configuration resources that are not needed for the specific application, Anadigm is able to provide customers with a reduced die area device that is more cost effective. Because the basic building blocks and process technology are identical, the performance of the FreezeFrame device is guaranteed to match that of the original configured FPAA.