Ametherm to Show Inrush Current Limiters and NTC Sensing Thermistors

March 08, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

Ametherm today announced its product lineup for the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) 2016, taking place March 20-24 in Long Beach, California. In booth 1833, the company will be showcasing a wide range of its leading inrush current limiters for reliable circuit protection and NTC sensing thermistors for high-accuracy temperature compensation and measurement.

Highlighted Ametherm inrush current limiters at APEC 2016 will include the company's SL series of standard devices with high steady-state current to 36A, input energy to 300J, and diameters from 8mm to 31mm. AS series devices on display are designed to increase reliability by eliminating hot spots resulting from fatigue. The current limiters feature extremely high steady-state currents to 50A, 800J of input energy, and fast reset times. For single- and three-phase input voltages up to 480Vac, the company will feature the SURGE-GARD and MegaSurge series, which offer steady-state current to 36A, up to 300J of input energy, and resistance at 25 degrees C from 0.5 to 220 Ω.

Ametherm's NTC sensing thermistors on display will consist of a variety of probe assembly types, including ring lug (PANR series), epoxy (PANE series), and steel housing (PANH series). Constructed of specially formulated metal oxide ceramic materials that are extremely accurate in temperature sensing, the devices feature resistance at 25 degrees C from 0.5 to 250.0 Ω, beta from 3,500- to 4,500-K, a dissipation constant of 3 mW/degree C, a thermal time constant down to 10.0s, and maximum power of 125- to 300-mW.

In addition, Ametherm will highlight its new ACCU-Curve series of interchangeable thermistors, which delivers tight tolerances of ± 0.2 degrees C between 0 and 70 degrees C for critical applications. Offering a fast thermal time constant of 10.0s and available in four resistance values at 25 degrees C, 2.252kΩ, 30kΩ, 50kΩ, and 10kΩ, the epoxy-coated devices can be potted in a variety of housings for temperature compensation circuits.

Also on display will be glass-encapsulated thermistors for excellent long-term reliability and stability in severe environmental conditions. Hermetically sealed and impervious to moisture, the devices offer an operating temperature range to 300 degrees C — providing a high-temperature alternative to epoxy-coated thermistors — and a quick response time. Highlighted MM series devices, available in optional DIN-Rail-mountable packages for easy installation, feature a thermally coupled configuration and handle up to 80A of continuous current and 1200J of energy.