American Electric Power Dedicates Desert Sky Wind Farm

May 05, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

American Electric Power (AEP) and City Public Service (CPS), the municipal electric utility for San Antonio, Texas, dedicated the Desert Sky Wind Farm in West Texas. The Desert Sky Wind Farm, previously known as Indian Mesa and Clear Sky, includes 107 wind turbines, each capable of generating 1.5MW of electricity for a total project capacity of 160.5MW, enough energy to supply 50,000 average American homes.

"The Desert Sky wind project is a terrific addition to this region and to the increasingly diverse energy landscape of Texas," said Chairman, President and CEO E. Linn Draper Jr. "Desert Sky demonstrates the new level of maturity the US wind power industry is achieving, and just how important it is that we continue to encourage development of all of the renewable energy sources. Wind power will not replace the traditional power plant, but it is definitely being counted on for an essential contribution to our nation's energy future."