Altair Files Patent for Electrical Energy Storage Nanomaterials

July 26, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Altair International Inc. (Cody, WY) has filed a new patent application covering methods of making advanced electrical energy storage nanomaterials. These materials may be used to make batteries with increased rates of charge and discharge and may also reduce the weight of batteries in new alternative-energy appliations.

The new application describes manufacturing techniques for making nanoparticles of titanium-dixoide derivatives such as lithium-titanates. These nanomaterials have been demonstrated to allow extremely high charge and discharge rates. Higher charge rates would permit higher utilization of laptop computers, battery-powered tools and other off-line storage devices. Higher discharge rates would mean that more power could be delivered for acceleration in hybrid automobiles.

"This new application is one in a series of new patent applications that are material additions to the intellectual property value of Altair Technologies," said William Long, president of Altair International. "We anticipate that several of the applications we have underway will be filed before the end of this year."