ALSTOM ESCA Receives Contract from Ontario Hydro Services for Network Management System

May 08, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

ALSTOM ESCA (Bellevue, WA) was awarded a contract from Ontario Hydro Services Company (OHSC, Toronto, ON) to provide a transmission network management system.

The first phase focuses on the implementation of the network analysis functions and will allow OHSC to be ready for the start of Ontario's open-access electricity market scheduled for November 7, 2000.

A transmission network management system combines the functions of a supervisory control and data acquisition system with the transmission network analysis functions of an energy-management system.

"Our objective is to dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our transmission operating function by providing our operating staff with powerful new operating tools," said OHSC Manager of Operating Facilities and Tools Ian Bradley. "The integrated platform supplied by ALSTOM ESCA is critical to achieving this."

The transmission network management system will be the key computing component of OHSC's integrated transmission operating facilities, which monitors and operates the transmission system for the province of Ontario.