AFS Trinity Power Flywheel Used in Inverpower and FuelCell Energy's Project

March 01, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

AFS Trinity Power Corp. (Seattle, WA) reported the first of what it believes will be several announcements this year regarding sales and partnering relationships with fuel cell, microturbine and other companies with advanced distributed power generating technologies. The first of these announcements is a news release from Inverpower Controls Ltd. (Ontario), announcing that Inverpower and FuelCell Energy (Danbury, CT) will be using a flywheel product from AFS Trinity in a system-demonstration project showcasing FuelCell Energy's 300kW Direct Fuel Cell and an advanced power electronics system from Inverpower.

“We can all see the energy future changing rapidly," commented Edward Furia, chairman and CEO of AFS Trinity. “We need more power, we need it to be more reliable and we need it to be more accessible." He continued, “In a fairly short time, users of power will stop having to assemble emerging technologies and will be able to buy well-established, integrated, turn key distributed power systems virtually off-the-shelf. AFS Trinity's goal is, ultimately, to be the pre-eminent provider of start-up and peak-following energy storage in a majority of fuel cell, microturbine, genset, renewable and other distributed power generation systems."