AEG Power Solutions Inaugurates Power Electronics Factory in India

October 12, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

AEG Power Solutions announced the opening of its power electronic factory in India. This opening is said to underline the high engagement of AEG PS on the Indian subcontinent. At the 80,000 sq ft production site in Bangalore, AEG PS produces the two solar inverter series PV250 and PV500. The facility has a capacity to manufacture products generating 400 MW per year with approximately 150 employees. In the new plant, the next stage of completion foresees the production of uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs).

"India invests high amounts of money in solar energy and is one of the most important markets for AEG PS. With a local production, we strengthen our customer relationship in focusing on the specific demands", explained Horst J. Kayser, Chief Executive Officer of AEG Power Solutions.

Since 2008, the Indian government follows a National Action Plan on Climate Change, where the extension of solar energy plays a key role. Huge photovoltaic fields, solar power plants and rooftop installations should generate 1,000 MW of power by 2013. Besides this, it is planned to produce further 200 MW by solar systems, which are not connected to the public power network. Under the plan, the use of solar-powered equipment and applications would be made compulsory in all government buildings, as well as hospitals and hotels.

In 2006, AEG PS started its successful Indian operations. In the last 6 months, AEG PS has been awarded total solutions equipment for 39MW and Monitoring Systems for 45MW from major OEM’s and Solar farm developers. "The new factory, which was built with the assistance of experts from the German subsidiary in Belecke/Warstein (North-Rhine Westphalia), creates the basis to deliver products into the Indian market under competitive conditions", mentions Jan Sickmann, Chief Operating Officer of AEG Power Solutions. "Our success in India confirms our strategy for the two segments ’Renewable Energy’ and ’Energy Efficient Solutions’ and helps our international growth as part of our Agenda 2012", continues Horst J. Kayser.

Besides the solar market India is especially interesting for AEG PS through the energy strategy as a whole. "The growing energy demand of the country causes also a higher demand for products, which guarantee an uninterruptable power supply and create a reliable infrastructure for industrial power users. AEG PS offers a consistent product portfolio covering all these demands perfectly", reported Sridhar Murthy, Managing Director of AEG Power Solutions in India.