AEC Completes Final Testing of its Demo HPU

February 08, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Alternate Energy Corp. (AEC, Las Vegas, NV), a producer of low-cost hydrogen gas, announced the completion of the second phase of its backup power initiative with the final testing of its beta version demonstration hydrogen production unit (HPU). The HPU successfully powered the company's recently converted internal combustion engine (ICE) with its low-cost, on-demand hydrogen.

Over the past several months, AEC has been focused on the building of ICE and fuel cell generator sets to demonstrate to investors and potential customers AEC's hydrogen fuel production capability. The developments parallel AEC's recent work on its hydrogen production unit for use with the Astris E8 alkaline fuel cell. The fuel cell and ICE platforms are expected to provide AEC with multiple market opportunities and greater revenue potential.

AEC Chairman Blaine Froats stated, "AEC's demo unit will prove that an ICE generator can produce electricity using safe, portable and affordable hydrogen. The ICE generator will use our hydrogen as fuel throughout the demonstration, produced on the spot by AEC's HPU. Now that the testing of the beta version HPU is complete, our next task is to shrink its components into a transportable size to ensure ease of demonstration. We expect this to be completed by mid-March."