Adept Reduces Price on SmartModules Systems

September 07, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Adept Technology Inc. (San Jose, CA), a manufacturer of flexible automation for the semiconductor, electronics, fiber optic, telecommunications and life sciences industries, announced a 15% price reduction on select SmartModules™ and a 10% price reduction on SmartModules controllers. The SmartModules are a family of single-, two-, three- and 4-axis linear mechanisms ranging in stroke lengths from 100mm to 2,000mm.

"The success and market acceptance of the Adept SmartModules™ product has enabled us to further improve the pricing to our customers," said Charlie Duncheon, executive vice president of Adept Technology. "Customers can now benefit from even more cost-effective pricing and can realize a more rapid return on investment. As industries such as life sciences and medical device manufacturing begin to ramp manufacturing and require more industrial strength and reliable automated components than had been used in the lab, these price reductions help customers justify investment in factory-proven automation systems that can handle the rigors of high-volume manufacturing."