ABB to Provide Fast Charging Technology for the FIA Formula E World Championship

August 05, 2020 by Nicholas St. John

ABB, a Swedish company that has become a leader in DC fast charging system design, and a partner of the FIA Formula E Championship, is providing the race with portable charging units for simultaneous charging of two race cars.


FIA Formula E is an organization that races only electric vehicles, and has become one of the fastest growing motorsports, especially in terms of fanbase. Along with showcasing some of the best racers in the world going head to head with one another, FIA Formula E is centered around showcasing new and innovative automotive technology and its capabilities. 


ABB to Provide Fast Charging Technology for the FIA Formula E World Championship Fig2
Image courtesy of ABB


The organization provides a space to showcase EV potential and hopes to lead to worldwide acceptance of EVs and the obsolescence of fossil fuel vehicles. They are going to be holding their World Championship race this year as they were granted championship race status back in December 2019 for the 2020-21 season. 

One of the main partners of FIA Formula E, ABB will supply charging technology for Generation 3 cars in the Formula E championship, according to a press release

“The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is more than a race – it is our test-bed for innovative electromobility technologies, driving development to the production line of electric vehicles and ultimately contributing to a cleaner environment for all,” ABB Electrification President Tarak Mehta said in the press release.

ABB is living up to this by supplying portable DC fast charging stations for the championship race that will be capable of charging two cars at once. This is an extremely impressive feat to be able to charge these vehicles throughout the event, and they hope it is a launching pad for viewers to see these stations in action, validate their performance, and lead to global adoption of EVs for the sake of the environment.

While ABB is still looking to create a global acceptance of EVs, they already have left quite a large footprint by installing over 14,000 fast DC charging stations in more than 80 countries. ABB already has an extensive resume of past projects such as Electrify America, IONITY and Fastned. ABB is also a partner to the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team.

ABB has designed innovative charging stations in order to meet today’s demands, and you can take a tour of it here.