ABB Electricity Metering Achieves CA ISO Certification

October 31, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

ABB Electricity Metering (Raleigh, NC) has achieved California Independent System Operator (ISO) certification for its new ION 8400 and ION 8500 revenue meters. This approval allows the meters to be used in California for ISO metering applications.

Although this certification is California-specific, many other regions of the US use the California ISO-approved meter list as a benchmark for their own ISO applications and approvals, giving the certification an element of universality.

According to ABB, the new ION 8400/8500 meters provide information and communications capabilities that can give energy suppliers a competitive edge by helping their industrial, commercial and institutional customers understand their utility consumption, cut energy costs and reduce downtime. In addition to ISO certification, the new meters have gained approval from California Direct Access.