ABB Adds to Intelligent Energy Monitoring Lineup

December 15, 2020 by Shannon Cuthrell

The Swedish-Swiss industrial power giant is integrating its ITS2 fusegear into additional smart commercial and industrial building energy-monitoring products.

ABB is broadening the availability of its intelligent energy monitoring hardware and software by embedding ITS2 fusegear into its InLine II fuse switch disconnectors for smart commercial and industrial facilities. 


ABB’s ITS2 unit.
ABB’s ITS2 unit. Image courtesy of ABB


The new integration of the ITS2 energy monitoring unit for ABB’s InLine II disconnectors provides functionalities to measure current, voltage, power, energy consumption and temperature parameters for commercial and industrial buildings, including facilities that are adopting renewable energy sources and distributed power generation systems. 

The device connects to ABB’s cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, the AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System (or EDCS), which provides real-time measurement data so customers can streamline their building-monitoring processes. 

ABB says the ITS2 combines essential measuring and monitoring functionalities into a single device, requiring 80% less installation time than external energy meters. Configuration can be set on- or off-site in less than two minutes with ABB’s universal Ekip Connect 3 software.

Additionally, the ITS2 offers additional functionalities not used in conventional devices, such as electronic fuse monitoring to improve safety and monitoring for whether switch contacts are open or closed. 

The ITS2 has been available in ABB’s existing SlimLine XRG switch disconnector fuses, but the expansion of support to the InLine II fuse switch disconnectors—as well as add-on functionality for ABB’s OS switch fuses and OT switch disconnectors—will provide more coordination between peer-to-peer devices within customer facilities. 

Jorge Lis, global product group manager for ABB’s switches and fusegear lines, stated in a press release that the product expansion adds another level of control for smart commercial and industrial buildings.

“To save energy and reduce carbon emissions, industries need power distribution with more control, functionality and intelligence,” Lis said. “Integrating our compact ITS2 energy monitor into switches and fusegear equipment makes the process clean and simple – that’s why ABB leads the way in digitalization.”