-48Vdc DC Power Retrofit Kit for Legacy DC Power Systems

April 20, 2020 by Paul Shepard

UNIPOWER LLC has introduced its Guardian dc power retrofit kit, the RFK1. This kit is designed to replace the legacy power section of existing Sageon Tower systems. The new kits mate easily to the existing towers, combining power conversion and distribution in an expandable modular architecture.

The RFK1s are 8RU high and contain two rectifier/controller power shelves that can incorporate up to seven Guardian high-efficiency hot-swap rectifier modules. A total current of 375A N+1 can be configured with up to two additional expansion kits to increase each tower’s overall capacity in increments of 500A to a total of 1375A N+1.

The systems also include an ACX Advanced Controller that intelligently monitors system parameters, controls rectifier output, and provides alarms for system failures. The controller is hot-pluggable for easy field replacement. In addition, two digital inputs and outputs are provided along with an SD memory card that can store more than 20-years of data logs. Systems can be programmed using a remote web or network interface while a front panel touchpad with LCD display is included for local metering, status, and setup.

Designed for demanding environments that require stable, reliable dc operating power, Guardian systems are widely used in cellular base station applications as well as for other telecommunications, cable, utility, government and industrial uses. The Retrofit Kits offer an easy way to extend useful life and capacity in existing installations without the expense of replacing an entire dc power plant.

The features of the new power retrofit kit are many and include:

  • >96% efficiency rectifiers with internal speed-controlled fan cooling
  • Scalable from 375A to 1375A N+1 capacity
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Battery management
  • Field replaceable controller
  • Ethernet Communications with SNMPv3
  • 3 LED Alarm/Status indicators
  • 10 Form-C relay alarms
  • LCD display/touchpad
  • Operating temperature range from -40ºC to 65ºC
  • Easy installation
  • 3-year warranty

RFK1s are compatible with UNIPOWER’s free PowCom™ software that provides point-and-click data logging, analysis and display capabilities for critical power system performance and battery management data.

The new retrofit kits are available now and compliant with international safety requirements.