32-Bit MCUs Optimized for Real-Time Industrial and Automotive Control Systems

March 23, 2020 by Paul Shepard

The new C2000™ 32-bit microcontrollers from Texas Instruments are optimized for processing, sensing, and actuation to improve closed-loop performance in real-time control applications such as industrial motor drives; solar inverters and digital power; electrical vehicles and transportation; motor control; and sensing and signal processing.

The TMS320F28002x (F28002x) is a powerful 32-bit floating-point microcontroller unit (MCU) that lets designers incorporate crucial control peripherals, differentiated analog, and nonvolatile memory on a single device.

The real-time control subsystem is based on TI's 32-bit C28x DSP core, which provides 100MHz of signal processing performance. The C28x CPU is further boosted by the new TMU extended instruction set, which enables fast execution of algorithms with trigonometric operations commonly found in transforms and torque loop calculations; and the VCRC extended instruction set, which reduces the latency for complex math operations commonly found in encoded applications.

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The F28002x supports up to 128KB (64KW) of flash memory in one bank. Up to 24KB (12KW) of on-chip SRAM is also available in blocks of 4KB (2KW) for efficient system partitioning. Flash ECC, SRAM ECC/parity, and dual-zone security are also supported.

High-performance analog blocks are integrated on the F28002x MCU to further enable system consolidation. Two separate 12-bit ADCs provide precise and efficient management of multiple analog signals, which ultimately boosts system throughput. Four analog comparator modules provide continuous monitoring of input voltage levels for trip conditions.

The TMS320C2000™ devices contain industry-leading control peripherals with frequency-independent ePWM/HRPWM and eCAP allow for a best-in-class level of control to the system. Connectivity is supported through various industry-standard communication ports (such as SPI, SCI, I2C, PMBus, LIN, and CAN) and offers multiple muxing options for optimal signal placement in a variety of applications.

New to the C2000™ platform is Host Interface Controller (HIC), a high throughput interface that allows an external host to access resources of the TMS320F28002x. Additionally, in an industry first, the FSI enables high-speed, robust communication to complement the rich set of peripherals that are embedded in the device.

Packaging and Environmental Options

  • Package options:
    • 80-pin Low-profile Quad Flatpack (LQFP) [PN suffix]
    • 64-pin LQFP [PM suffix]
    • 48-pin LQFP [PT suffix]
  • Temperature options:
    • S: -40°C to 125°C junction
    • Q: -40ºC to 125ºC free-air (AEC Q100 qualification for automotive applications)