30W / Cubic Centimeter IPM goal of Chinese Development Effort

April 23, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) will collaborate with state-owned Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. Ltd. (GRAM) to jointly develop next generation integrated power module (IPM) and other new technologies for electronic and communication products. ASTRI's IPM solution involves a 3-level integration to achieve single and power-supply-in package. The new IPM is expected to greatly improve power density (greater than or equal to 30W/cubic cm) and reduce form factor by 40%. The design will also include a direct cooling interface to improve heat dissipation efficiency by 100% or more.

ASTRI has core competence in package and module level product development for power electronics. The new IPM under development is targeted for industry transfer for mass production in two years. West Dynamic Enterprises Ltd. (WDEL), a subsidiary under GRAM has already embarked on a joint-research project with ASTRI to develop integrated power module for networking and telecommunication equipment. An Industrial Collaborative Project was signed earlier this year with funding support from both the HKSAR Government and industry partner.

Integrated power module is a core component for switching power supply unit required in all electronic products. With the market size of switching power supply unit reaching USD30 billion in 2013 and increasingly stringent requirement of future power modules to be used in big data, cloud computing, high speed telecom equipment. There is huge market potential for next generation IPM.

ASTRI CEO Dr. Frank Tong commented, "Guangdong Rising is a giant conglomerate with strengths and technical capacities for electronics. Its subsidiaries Fenghua and West Dynamic are among the biggest manufacturers of electronic components in the world. I believe through this collaboration, ASTRI and our partner can leverage on each other's strengths to drive the development of new power module and transform technologies into innovative solution for the market."

A special signing ceremony was held today to mark the beginning of the joint collaboration between the two parties. Dr. Frank Tong, CEO of ASTRI and Mr. Li Zezhong, General Manager of GRAM signed a Memorandum of Understanding covering joint initiatives to design and develop new ICs, photonics, electronic components and packaging, communications technology, software and systems. The signing was witnessed by ASTRI Chairman Mr. Wong Ming-yam and Chairman of GRAM Mr. Zhu Wei. The ceremony was also graced with the presence of Deputy Director General Mr. Gong Guoping and Director Mr. Zeng Lu of Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and Deputy Inspector Mr. Liu Zhiming and Director Mr. Li Xiao of the Department of Educational, Scientific and Technological Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

In addressing the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Wei, Chairman of GRAM said, "We will capitalize on each other's strengths to create a win-win collaboration. I firmly believe GRAM's competitive advantages in manufacturing, management and market leadership, combining with ASTRI's innovative R&D, technologies and talents will expedite technology transfers and will bring new ideas, profits, new markets and create a bright future for the industry."

GRAM is a state-owned company with a successful track record in five industry sectors including mining, electronic, hospitality tourism, real estate and finance. It is also the second biggest shareholder of China Telecom. Its subsidiary Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology (Holdings) listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange is one of the world's eight chip component manufacturers. WDEL is wholly owned by Fenghua and it is the number one passive component manufacturer on the Mainland.