2600mAh External Battery Pack includes LED Flashlight

December 05, 2013 by Power Pulse1595211359

RAVPower, Inc. has just released its first hybrid power bank external battery back which also includes an LED flashlight. The hybrid power bank has a 2600mAh LG internal Li-ion cell that is suitable for most smartphones today, as well as charging a tablet computer in emergency situations. The stored power can also be used to power its 8 lumen LED when needed. It is available for about $20 on-line.

The RAVPower® 2600 mAh flashlight power bank uses a single 2600 mAh LG internal 18650 Lithium-ion cell. It should take around 3 hours to recharge the power bank from empty. Once at full, it discharges through a 5V/1A USB port. It comes with a micro-USB cable that can be used for most Android phones; for Apple products, it is recommend to use compatible Apple 30 pin or lighting cables.

According to RAVPower, there are so many beautiful smartphones and wonderful apps that make the cellphone battery looks shy. And for the past year or so, power bank has quickly become popular as an essential everyday gadget to have with you. But most power banks are relatively large and have a very noticeable weight when put in your bag or pocket.

“We want something that is light enough to be carried around but can fully charge your iPhone and other mobile phones. There are plenty of small 1000 mAh power banks out there but that is too little juice, especially for larger phones like the HTC One X, Galaxy S3 and the almighty Galaxy Note2,” spokes person from RAVPower®, Elsa Zhang said. “The 2600 mAh power bank is also perfectly suitable to be used as a LED flashlight.

"We have seen similar products on sale at Amazon, eBay and other places, we even purchased a few sample from various vendors. But their qualities are poor and some even falsely claim to have 50% more capacity than what they really are," Zhang concluded.