240kW Integrated Energy Storage System for Peak Shaving Debuts

April 18, 2019 by Scott McMahan

At ESA's Annual Energy Storage Conference & Expo April 16-18, Sungrow debuted its fully integrated Energy Storage System (ESS) Solution and its dc-coupled PV & storage system solutions. Sungrow contends that its newly debuted ST556KWH-250 is one of the first on the US market to offer high-power capabilities. The ESS features 4 units of 60kW modules, which allows a flexible design to customize system capacity and module quantity.

Sungrow's ST556KWH-250 can be used in multiple applications, including peak shaving, demand response, and micro-grid. The ESS solution integrates with Samsung's latest E3 Battery to achieve a smaller size and higher energy densities while minimizing on-site labor and wiring.

The ST556KWH-250 includes four 60kW inverter modules, each with an E3 Battery from Samsung. These can be used along with the company's photovoltaic inverters that make the dc electricity from solar cells into AC power. (See solution concept diagram above).

Due to its local controller, HAVC and FSS design, ST556KWH-250 ensures flexible operations and easy maintenance.

DC-Coupled Energy Storage System Also Showcased

To further add to its ESS range, Sungrow introduced its all-new dc-coupled ESS solution. Compared to an ac-coupled system, the new dc-coupled system has a lower connected power distribution, and Sungrow says it is easy to transport and install.

With its compact mechanical design, Sungrow contends that the system not only reduces initial investment by 20%, but also harnesses solar energy effectively, making it the perfect match of the PV plus energy storage power plants.

The company's dc-coupled ESS includes the Samsung E3 battery, Sungrow's dc-dc converter. This dc-coupled solution can be used along with Sungrow's photovoltaic, dc-inverter.

DC-coupled energy storage system concept diagram

"We are excited to be showcasing our latest products and technologies at this show," said Jack Gu, President of Sungrow PV & Energy Storage Division. "Until now, we have more than 200 MW storage systems deployed in the US, especially in the commercial space with a market share over 15%. As a pioneering PV technology leader and inverter solution provider, Sungrow will continue to develop and present new cutting-edge PV and ESS solutions and catalyze the development of the global PV industry," he added.