$2 Million for Software-Defined Power Management

March 14, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

AGGIOS announced today that it has received $2 million funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to advance the software-defined power management methodology and develop prototype designs based on the upcoming IEEE P2415 unified hardware abstraction standard. The aim is to capture the best practices from the energy design of mobile devices and apply them to plug load devices to "reduce energy in set-top boxes, televisions, personal computers and game consoles," according to the CEC's announcement.

"We are thankful to the Commission and the expert reviewers who selected AGGIOS for funding. Mobile, plug load and internet of things devices are rapidly converging in the ways they are built, used and their power is managed. The electronic industry is in a unique position today to unify the power management methodology and deliver the highest energy efficiency for a wide range of electronic products and applications. Commission's endorsement and investment are coming at the right time to spearhead the upcoming transformation," said Vojin Zivojnovic, President & CEO of AGGIOS.

“Software-defined power management (SDPM) is an exciting new technology that enables innovation in how we design and manage power, energy and thermal characteristics of electronic devices. SDPM has three defining characteristics. First, SDPM abstracts higher-level power behavior. Second, it separates the power management plane from the processing plane. And third, SDPM consolidates the power management plane, so that a single software power manager controls multiple processing plane elements,” Zivojnovic concluded.