17th Annual Battery Conference on Applications and Advances

July 23, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

The 17th Annual Battery Conference on Applications and Advances, sponsored by the department of electrical engineering at California State University (Long Beach, CA), will be held from January 15-18, 2002.

The conference will feature two parallel tracks of 11 technical sessions. Track A will address high-power systems and Track B will address low-power systems. Engineers, professors, scientists, manufacturers, program managers and sales representatives are invited to attend. The technical program will include nearly 110 invited and contributed presentations. The deadlines for submitting abstracts and manuscripts are September 29, 2001, and November 1, 2001, respectively. The proceedings will be published by IEEE.

The tentative technical sessions for Track A include electric and hybrid vehicles; batteries for space applications; lead-acid batteries in telecommunications; materials, process, testing and applications; recent advancements in valve-regulated lead-acid batteries; high-power storage devices and power electronics; lithium-ion battery technology and applications; hybrid power sources; research and development of power sources; modelling and transport kinetics in large systems; and the new generation of lead-acid batteries.

The tentative technial sessions for Track B include lithium-ion versus lithium-polymer systems for portable electronics; advances and applications of fuel cells; battery analysis and charging methods; selection of batteries for micro-spacecrafts; military applications of lithium batteries; military applications of aqueous batteries; research and development of power sources; methods of testing and evaluation; batteries for portable products; and the safety of lithium batteries.