100kW Class Power Inverter Design Kit for ASIL-D Functional Safety Compliance

September 26, 2019 by Paul Shepard

NXP's ASIL-D Automotive system platform is a reference design for enabling high-voltage power inverter control to drive electric vehicle traction motors and dc to dc converters. Targeted applications include EV motor power inverters, high-voltage dc-dc boost circuits, and high-voltage on-board chargers. (Pictured above is the driver control board)

The platform combines NXP's comprehensive portfolio of world-class automotive microcontrollers (MCUs), CAN bus interfaces, power management system basis chips (SBCs) and high-voltage isolated IGBT gate driver IC modules into a readily useable inverter to enable customer designs.

The Reference Platform has been designed into an evaluation prototype demonstrating >98% electrical efficiency operating from 340V supply voltage. It is designed to interface to a Fuji M653 IGBT module rated for 800A / 750V operation (purchased separately from Fuji Electronics).

Inverter platform hardware and software block diagram (click on diagram to enlarge)

The NXP EV power inverter control reference platform provides a hardware reference design, system enablement software, and functional safety enablement to develop a complete ASIL-D compliant high voltage, high power traction motor inverter for electric vehicles.

ASIL-D Automotive system platform reference design

Features and Benefits

  • System control enablement kit for designing 100kW class power inverters
  • Efficient system BOM designed for ASIL-D safety requirements
  • Basic software enablement with inverter services layer, drivers & SDK
  • ±0.1 high accuracy software RDC with advanced motor control software
  • Drives up to ±15A into a broad range of IGBT and SiC power devices
  • <2us iSense compatible 2 level IGBT OC protection with soft shutdown
  • 5kV galvanic signal isolation compatible with IGBTs up to 1700V
  • Standard signal interfaces for motor resolvers and output current sensors
  • Support for redundant CAN bus interfaces

NXP components featured in the platform include:

  • GD3100 isolated IGBT gate driver with <2us short-circuit protection
  • MPC5775E high performance ASIL-D MCU with advanced motor control libraries and software resolver
  • FS65 robust ASIL-D SBC with fail-silent and Grade 0 capabilities
  • TJA1051T redundant high-speed CAN bus interface