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Wireless Charging Platform Supports 20W with 83% Efficiency

July 16, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Semtech Corporation offers the next-generation LinkCharge® 20 Series wireless charging platform. The new IC, a 20W mid-power (5W to 20W) wireless-charging transmitter chipset, is based on a simplified controller architecture, allowing for additional flexibility with 83% efficiency, supports present and future fast charging protocols, and reduces system cost.

The new LinkCharge 20 Series chipset, when in range and powered sufficiently, is able to announce its presence to the transmitter to begin a transaction. The transmitter also provides a small amount of power to the newly-discovered receiver, so that the receiver can tell the transmitter what the power requirements are for the receiver.

This flexible architecture can be customized in order to wirelessly charge or continuously power devices through a physical layer, such as powering a surveillance camera through a window pane, or charging a phone through furniture.

In addition, the firmware of the new wireless charging controller can be updated on transmitter modules that are already deployed in the field.

"Semtech continuously works on having the latest wireless charging platform available and the next-generation LinkCharge 20 Series supports the most recent smartphones fast charging protocols," said Francois Ricodeau, Power and High-Reliability Product Line Manager for Semtech's Wireless and Sensing Products Group.

"The new wireless charging platform is a very efficient design with 83% efficiency at nominal power allowing minimal heat dissipation," added Ricodeau.

LinkCharge 20 Series is immediately available through Semtech and DigiKey. The order code is TSDMTX-19V3-EVM.

Next-Generation LinkCharge 20 Series Applications:

  • Smartphone charging pads
  • Modules for furniture integration
  • Wireless charging of IoT and connected objects, including LoRa®-based devices
  • Charging of portable consumer and medical devices
  • Wireless transfer of power through glass and wood
  • Aftermarket automotive phone charging docks