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Weekly Power Product Recap

May 13, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

This article highlights products from Littelfuse, XP Power, Diodes, Flex Power Modules, and NIC Components.

This week’s product roundup includes a variety of components, with a focus on battery protectors, power supplies, and DC/DC converters.


ITV Series Battery Protectors From Littelfuse

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse created this three-terminal, surface-mountable li-ion battery protector especially to guard against damage caused by both overcharging and overcurrent.

The component features an embedded fuse element that cuts off the circuit when overcurrent issues occur.


Image courtesy of Littelfuse. 


Moreover, this battery protector also has a heater element embedded under the fuse element capable of generating enough heat to blow the fuse once overcharging is detected by IC or FET.

Littelfuse designed the ITV Series Battery Protectors to be used with or li-ion battery packs found in a variety of applications.

These include power tools, robotic appliances, e-bikes and e-scooters, uninterruptible power and supplies (UPS), and emergency radio and eCall.

The new ITV Series is available in five different surface-mount packages and in current ratings of 12A, 15A, 30A, and 45A. You can check all the packages on Littelfuse’s website here.


ECH450 Power Supplies From XP Power

These high-efficiency, compact power supplies from electronics’ expert XP Power are available both in an open frame and in a variety of enclosed formats.

The ECH450 Series components can deliver 250W when convection cooled and 450W when force cooled or in its enclosed versions with an integral fan.

Thanks to their class B conducted & radiated emissions certifications and ITE and medical approvals, these power supplies are ideal for both industrial and medical applications.


Image courtesy of XP Power. 


In terms of specs, the ECH450 Series features the following single output voltages: 12.0V, 15.0V, 19.0V, 24.0V, 36.0V, 48.0V, and 54.0V.

These components can also operate at full rated power at ambient temperatures up to +50ºC without derating, and at half power at +70ºC ambient.

With a compact footprint of 5.0” x 3.0”, the ECH450 Series comes in a number of mechanical configurations, including fan-less units. You can find more details about all of them here.


USB Charging Port Controller and Load Detection Power Switch From Diodes Incorporated

Integrating a USB 2.0 high-speed data line (D+/D-) switch, the PI5USB2546AQ provides electrical signatures on D+/D- to support various charging schemes.

The component is compatible with both BC1.2 compliant and non-BC1.2 compliant devices and supports system wake up (starting from S3) using a mouse/keyboard, both low and full speeds.


Image courtesy of Diodes Incorporated. 


The new series also supports two different power management features.

The first one, called power wake, works with power supply control in S4/S5 charging, while the second one named PPM manages port power in multi-port applications.

Thanks to its two programmable current thresholds, the PI5USB2546AQ provides flexibility for setting current limits and load detect thresholds.

Because of this, this USB charging port controller and load detection power switch are ideal for applications more susceptible to heavy capacitive loads and short-circuits.

You can have a look at the PI5USB2546AQ’s full specifications on the Diodes Incorporated website


PUB-2M Series DC/DC Converters From Flex Power Modules

Flex Power Modules released this new series as an upgrade to its PUC-2B, a series of 2W isolated, unregulated DC/DC converters with reinforced insulation for industrial applications.

The PUB-2M Series builds on the success of its predecessor and features an output power of up to 2W with no minimum load required.


Image courtesy of Flex Power Modules. 


Available either in single or dual output options, the PUB-2M the DC/DC converters can achieve an average efficiency level of up to 86.5% with a 12V output under full load conditions.

Offering output short-circuit protection, MTBF figures of 17.9Mhrs, and operating temperature between -40°C and +110°C, these converters are designed for use in heavy industrial applications.

To maximize safety levels, the PUB-2M Series is compliant to EN/UL 62368-1, with Flex Power Modules also being an ISO 9001/14001 certified supplier.

The PUB-2M Series’ full specifications and datasheet are available here.


NCST A series Chip Resistors From NIC Components

These new automotive-grade resistors from passive component producer NIC are auto-grade (AEC Q200) qualified and current sensing.

They support power ratings from 1/16W to 3W in several industry-standard sizes and feature resistance values ranges of s 1mΩ to 1Ω in 1% (F), 2% (G) and 5% (J) tolerance with

TCR of ±100ppm to ±600ppm.


Image courtesy of NIC Components. 


To perform optimally in harsh operating environments, the NCST A series Chip Resistors also features ASTMB809 anti sulfur testing capabilities and can operate between -55°C and +155°C.

NIC Components said ideal applications of the NCST A series of chip resistors are to be found mostly in automotive, industrial, and enterprise-level systems.


What new and interesting power products did you see on the market last week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.