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VPT Introduces New 15 & 30W DC-DC Converter Modules

December 05, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

VPT Inc. announced that it has added three new products to its COTS product line – the VPT Series. The new 15 and 30W modules are claimed to satisfy the Department of Defense’s "Commercial-off-the-Shelf" directive in terms of low cost, high performance, and satisfaction of stringent military and avionics industry requirements.

"These new products provide additional off-the-shelf options for designers of aircraft, vehicles, and weapons systems seeking affordable, yet extremely reliable, dc-dc power modules," explained Michael J. Bosmann, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for VPT. "With the addition of these modules, our VPT Series product line now offers the full range of power options from5 to 100 watts in standard output power configurations."

The new products include the VPT15-2800D dual output, VPT30-2800S single output, and VPT30-2800D dual output modules. These products feature: single output configurations of 3.3, 5, 12, and 15V; dual output configurations of +/-5, +/-12, and +/-15V; are designed for the wide MIL-STD-704A-E input range (claimed to be much wider than commercial products); have a patented magnetic feedback circuit with no opto isolators; have very low output noise; meet USA manufacturing to the standard of JSTD-001; operate over a wide temperature range of -55 to +100°C with no power derating; and have 6-sided metal cases for improved EMI, mechanical, and environmental performance.

Pricing begins at $167 in OEM quantities.