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Voltage Detectors with Delay Function and Isolated Sense Pin

January 29, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has developed the XC6132/XC6133/XC6134 series are ultra-small, high-accuracy voltage detectors with sense pin isolation and an external delay capacitance. A CMOS process, high-accuracy reference power supply, and laser trimming technology are deployed to achieve high accuracy and a low quiescent current. And the devices include surge voltage protection: Even if a 100V load dump surge is input, the voltage will be clamped by the internal protective element connected to the VSEN pin to protect the IC.

The sense pin is isolated from the power input pin to enable monitoring of the voltage of another power supply, and the output can be held in the detect state even when the voltage of the monitored power supply drops to 0V. The sense pin is optimum for designs that need to detect a wide range of voltages from low to high; the detect and release voltages can be set as desired using an external resistance. An internal delay circuit is provided, and by connecting a capacitor to the Cd/MRB pin, any release delay or detect delay can be set. This pin can also be used as a manual reset pin.

The XC6132/XC6134 series includes a hysteresis external adjustment pin that allows the hysteresis to be adjusted as desired with a single resistor. These ICs are ideal as voltage detectors for voltage monitoring of car batteries during cranking and power supplies with large voltage fluctuations such as electrical double layer. The XC6132 series also has an internal voltage protection circuit that protects the IC even when over-voltage is applied to the input. An operating temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees C is suited for car accessories and industrial equipment.