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Ventev Launches EcoCHARGE Wall Charger for Mobile Devices

March 24, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Ventev® Innovations, a manufacturer of wireless, has launched the EcoCHARGE® wall charger – which the company describes as the most advanced, energy-efficient wall charger on the market.

"The EcoCHARGE is a game changer in the mobile device charger market – both on the energy conservation and innovation fronts," said Jeff Lime, Vice President of Ventev. "In addition to being Energy Star certified and exceeding the 5-Star efficiency rating, the EcoCHARGE charges two devices at one time, is packed with user friendly features like our power strip friendly design, and gives our customers the confidence to leave it plugged in by eliminating the Vampire Power draw concern when no device is connected, or when the device is fully charged."

Ventev Innovations is a division of TESSCO Technologies, a value-added provider of the knowledge, products, and supply chain solutions needed to design, build, run, maintain, and use wireless systems. The Ventev Innovations division launched its first Ventev branded products in July 2008.

The EcoCHARGE is available now in Mini USB and Micro USB for $29.99. The iPhone/iPod version of the EcoCHARGE will be available in April 2010.