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Ultra-High Precision Molded Surface Mount Resistor with Flexible Terminations

September 17, 2018 by Paul Shepard

VPG Foil Resistors, a product group of Vishay Precision Group, Inc. today announced a new ultra-high precision Vishay Foil Resistors molded surface-mount resistor with Z1 Foil Technology and flexible terminations. The SMR3Z1 resistor meets all of the criteria that define a precision resistor, including low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), long-term stability, low noise, low thermal electromotive force (EMF), and non-measurable voltage coefficient. The product enhances overall circuit stability and measurement functionalities.

The SMR3Z1 resistor’s low absolute temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) reduces errors due to temperature gradients and it can withstand harsh environmental conditions. These characteristics make the resistor well-suited for the high-temperatures and radiation-rich environments found in down-hole exploration and well logging, and deep-sea underwater repeaters in transoceanic communications.

The molded package design and flexible terminations ensure minimal stress transference, addressing a concern in printed circuit board (PCB) applications where chips of 1206 and larger dimensions can delaminate or the PCB can develop cracks from thermal shock.

The SMR3Z1 resistor is also ideal for applications in precision amplifiers, differential amplifiers, pulse applications, control systems, and power supplies, particularly in the medical, industrial, audio, low frequency, military, aeronautics, and space exploration industries.

The Vishay Foil Resistors SMR3Z1 resistor is based on Z1 Foil Technology, the latest generation of Bulk Metal® Foil technology. Devices with Z1 Foil Technology excel over all previous stability standards for precision resistors with significant improvement in environmental stability.

They are virtually insensitive to destabilizing factors. These unique traits are achieved through the use of a solid alloy that is matched to the ceramic substrate with polyimide bonding to enable a uniform thickness of the bond line, superior adhesion strength, and improved resistance to moisture.

Precision resistors built with Bulk Metal® Foil technology provide very low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and exceptional long-term stability even in extreme temperatures. Vishay Foil Resistors devices provide a wide range of resistance values, and can be produced with any resistance value within their given range, at any tolerance, with no additional cost or lead time effect.