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UL1741-Certified Power Control for Grid-Connected Energy Storage

March 09, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Eguana Technologies Inc. is announcing the release of a UL1741-certified Bi-Direx power control system (Bi-Direx PCS) for North American markets. The North American Bi-Direx PCS is based on the previously released Bi-Direx global platform, which has more than 4,000 units shipped into European markets over the past 18 months for solar self-consumption applications.

Targeting distributed energy storage to support power quality and grid regulation, the US Bi-Direx PCS enables higher levels of solar penetration, especially in States like California, Hawaii, New Jersey and New York, without being disruptive to the power grid. Prototypes of the US Bi-Direx PCS have undergone extensive testing with several lead customers using a range of battery technologies in various control applications. First shipments of Eguana's certified Bi-Direx PCS are scheduled for this month.

The 5kW Bi-Direx PCS is an energy storage power control system that operates at 48V, 120/240 split phase output supporting backup power and advanced control functionality addressing the residential and commercial grid tied markets. The Bi-Direx platform has been tested through the rigorous Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing (HALT) process guaranteeing the quality of the components and product design. Bi-Direx unique low-voltage design allows it to deliver the highest round trip efficiencies in the industry, competitive product pricing, and an open control interface which allows maximum system flexibility accommodating a variety of power control approaches.