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Turbo Switchers Debuts TD-000 MOSFET/IGBT Drivers

November 18, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Turbo Switchers Ltd. (South Africa) launched the TD-000, the first of the TurboDriver line of MOSFET/IGBT resonant gate drivers. The drivers are based upon a patent-pending topology that halves switching losses, which utilizes resonant transitions to charge and discharge the gate capacitance and results in simpler, cheaper and more power-efficient circuitry in a wide range of products. The TD-000 is suitable for automotive power electronics systems, PFC, SMPS and resonant-mode inverters.

The TurboDriver TD-000 is a single-channel, non-inverting driver with a 5V CMOS level Schmitt trigger input for high noise immunity. The TD-000 features short propagation delays of typically 10ns, has 4.4µF of decoupling capacitance on board, and can source or sink a current of up to 8.5A into large capacitive loads.

The TurboDriver range provides the high currents needed to drive large MOSFETs and IGBTs, while using less than 50 percent of the power of any existing driver, enabling the driver to run cool at high capacitive loads and, hence, operation at higher frequencies (from 20kHz to more than 3MHz). In addition, the TD-000 needs only one power supply, therefore reducing the overall components count and simplifying circuit design.

The TD-000 is available in a 10-pin SIL package, with samples now available. Pricing is $5.00 each in lots of 100. Samples can be ordered from Turbo Switchers at $35 per pair.