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Toshiba Expands Its Compact Standard Series of IGBT Modules

March 05, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Toshiba Electronics Europe (Germany) has expanded its Compact Standard Series of IGBT modules. The company has added three new 250V devices aimed at high-power switching and motor-control applications in forklift trucks, light electric vehicles and other designs where space is restricted.

Manufactured using silicon N-channel IGBT technology, the three modules offer current ratings of 150A, 200A and 400A, all with a typical collector-emitter saturation voltage of 1.3V and an isolation voltage of 2,500Vac.

The 400A model provides a half-bridge circuit in a package with overall dimensions of 122.0 x 62.0 x 37.5mm, whereas the 150A and 200A models incorporate six IGBTs in packages measuring 107.0 x 55.0 x 33.5mm and 122.0 x 62.0 x 26.0mm, respectively.

All three IGBTs enable thermal management by the inclusion of a built-in thermistor with external output pins. The devices are designed for a maximum junction temperature of 150 degrees C, and have an operating temperature ranging from -40 to 125 degrees C.