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Top-Up Debuts 18PR1SVB-D Variable Resistor

March 15, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

Top-Up Ind. Corp. (Taiwan) debuted its 18PR1SVB-D variable resistor, which has a 10 kiloohm to 500 kiloohm resistance range; ±20 percent total resistance tolerance; 10 ohms residual resistance; and A, B and C curve resistance taper.

With a 200 Vac operation voltage, the resistor features a rated power of 0.2 W, insulation resistance of 100 megohms at 500 Vdc, and withstanding voltage of 500 Vac for 1 min. It offers a rotational noise of 47 mV; a total rotation angle of 300°, ±5°; a rotation torque of 20 gf/cm to 200 gf/cm; a rotation stop strength of 5 kgf/cm; and an operating force of switch of 0.5 k, ±0.1 kgf. The rotation lifespan is 15,000 cycles.

Minimum orders are for 10,000-piece quantities, and lead time is 30 to 60 days.