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Texas Instruments Introduces GaN FET Drivers for Automotive Applications

November 09, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

Texas Instruments expands high-voltage power management portfolio of units complete with internal protections, active power management, and integrated driver circuitry.

TI claims that the new 600- and 650-volt GaN FET packages will enable designers to achieve twice the power of existing solutions and to attain 99% efficiency. Pre-production versions of the 600-volt devices are available now.


Texas Instruments Introduces GaN FET Drivers for Automotive Applications Figure
Image courtesy of Texas Instruments


The LMG342xR030 and the LMG342xR050 are both 600V GaN FETs with integrated drivers and a host of other features. 


Simplified block diagram of the LMG342xR030.

Simplified block diagram of the LMG342xR030. Image courtesy of LMG342xR030 Data Sheet


These new devices do not represent TI’s first foray into GaNs with integrated drivers. Similar TI devices include:


“Industrial and automotive applications increasingly demand more power in less space, and designers must deliver proven power management systems that operate reliably over the long lifetime of the end equipment,” said Steve Lambouses, vice president for High Voltage Power at TI. “Backed by more than 40 million device reliability hours and more than 5 GWh of power conversion application testing, TI’s GaN technology provides the lifetime reliability engineers require in any market.”


More Power While Requiring Less Space

The new devices are built on a GaN-on-silicon substrate and are said to reduce the size of power magnetics by 59% when compared to existing solutions. The new GaN FETs integrate a fast-switching driver and multiple internal protections, including temperature sensing. This, along with the high power density achieved by these devices, enables designers to eliminate what TI estimates as more than ten external components that would otherwise be required by a discrete solution. 

The LMG342xR030 comes in two variations; LMG3422R030 and the LMG3425R030 both sport an RDS(ON) of 30 mΩ and a 2.2 MHz switching frequency. When utilized in a half-bridge application, each can support up to 4 kW of power.

Similarly, the LMG342xR050 is available as the LMG3422R050 and the LMG3425R050 with each featuring an RDS(ON) of 50 mΩ and a 3.6 MHz switching frequency. 

Additionally, the LMG3425R030 and the LMG3425R050 support an ideal diode mode. 


The Ideal Diode Mode

For power factor correction (PFC), the ideal diode mode reduces third-quadrant losses by up to 66% when compared to discrete GaN and SiC metal oxide silicon MOSFETs. This mode also eliminates the need for adaptive dead-time control, allowing for a reduction in both firmware complexity and development time. TI refers the reader to its application report, “Maximizing the Performance of GaN with Ideal Diode Mode.” 


Thermal Performance

The LMG342xR030 and the LMG342xR050 offer what TI claims to be 23% lower thermal impedance than their nearest competitors. This allows for the use of smaller heat sinks, further reducing weight and board space requirements. The units’ temperature reporting capabilities enable active power management. This allows designers to optimize heat management under varying operating conditions and loads.



  • Uninterruptable power supplies
  • Solar inverters
  • Industrial motor drives 
  • High-density industrial power supplies 
  • Automotive onboard chargers


ESD Ratings

  • Human body model (HBM), all pins, as per ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 ±2,000 volts
  • Charged device model (CDM), per JEDEC specification JESD22-C101, all pins ±2 500 volts


Evaluation Modules

Each of the four new GaN FETS has an available evaluation module associated with it

Product Evaluation module
LMG3422R050 LMG3422EVM-041
LMG3425R050 LMG3425EVM-041
LMG3422R030 LMG3422EVM-043
LMG3425R030 LMG3425EVM-043


Physical Considerations

600 V GaN FETs are available in a 12-mm-by-12-mm, QFN Package The units operate over a -40 to +125 ℃ temperature range.


650-Volt Versions Coming Soon

The new LMG3522R030-Q1 and LMG3525R030-Q1 650-V automotive GaN FETs, along with their and evaluation modules, are expected to be available as pre-production versions in Q1 of 2021.