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Tektronix’s Series of Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes Feature a 10 GHz Bandwidth and Handle up to 50 GS/S

September 27, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

Tektronix’s mixed signal oscilloscopes are the first on the market to feature a greater than 2 GHz bandwidth while providing up to 8 input channels

Tektronix’s 6 Series B Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO) were designed with an eye to the challenges entailed in developing today’s ever faster, ever more complex embedded designs.


The Tek-MSO68B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope.
The Tek-MSO68B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. Image courtesy of Tektronix


Members of the series feature up to 10 GHz of fully-upgradable bandwidth and a sampling rate of up to 50 GS/s. The device imposes noise of under 1.39mV at 50 mV/div and 10 GHz and also less than 51.1 µV of noise at 1 mV/div and 1 GHz. 


Maximum Interface Flexibility

The oscilloscope’s TekVPI probe interface was designed to easily interface the device with a wide range of probes. 

One example is the TDP7710 TriMode Probe, which was introduced along with the 6-Series B MSO. It features a 10 GHz bandwidth and, with no need to reconnect the probe, can switch between making differential, common mode or single-ended measurements.

The 6 Series B MSO features up to eight analog channels. And, by means of the TLP058 Logic Probe, each of these “FlexChannels” inputs can be converted into 8 digital channels. This will provide up to 64 digital channels simultaneously on one scope.

The TPP1000 voltage probe features a 1 GHz bandwidth, and one is supplied for each channel.


Multi-channel Spectrum Analysis

Multi-channel spectrum analysis is enabled via digital down converters (DDCs) that are included behind each channel.

Members of the series offer many benefits of a spectrum analyzer, with some important advantages. Spectrum and time domain controls are independent of each other. This allows users to change the sampling rate and get better time resolution while not affecting the spectrum.

Additionally spectrums on more than one channel can be simultaneously observed, as illustrated below. 


Video courtesy of Tektronix
Video courtesy of Tektronix


Additionally, there are a wide range of available options for the members of the series to simplify compliance testing for serial standards, power analysis, jitter analysis and protocol decoding.


Physical Features of the 6 Series B MSO

The 6 Series B MSO's features a 15.6 inch HD capacitive touch screen display, with an easy-to-use drag and drop object-oriented user interface. 

For an added level of security, the 6 Series B MSO contains a removable SSD, which will serve to minimize cybersecurity threats. 


Available Versions

All members of the 6 Series B MSO support records lengths of up to 1 gigabit


Sample Rate Analog
Digital Channels
MSO64 1 to 8 GHz 25 GS/s 4 Up to 32
MSO64B 1 to 10 GHz Up to 50 GS/s 4 Up to 32
MSO66B 1 to 10 GHz Up to 50 GS/s 6 Up to 48
MSO68B 1 to 10 GHz Up to 50 GS/s 8 Up to 64


"At Tektronix, we are dedicated to providing high-performing test and measurement equipment that meets the growing industry need for a precise balance of speed and accuracy," says Chris Witt, vice president and general manager at Tektronix. "Embedded designs are growing more sophisticated by incorporating additional sensors that generate increasing amounts of data. This instrument addresses the new requirements of testing these systems to advance video, motion and 3D sensing technologies." 



The capabilities of 6 Series B MSO will find application in:

  • aerospace and defense
  • semiconductor development
  • automotive electronics
  • computer development
  • medical applications
  • industrial markets
  • power analysis