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Switched Capacitor ICs Bring Improved Power Efficiency to Range of DC-DC Applications

May 07, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Today at PCIM Europe 2019, Helix Semiconductors announced a new dc-dc product family that maximizes low-profile dc-dc power delivery to create leading-class, high-power density solutions. Based on the technology platform first introduced in its highly efficient MxC® 200 power IC, which began mass production last year, the new family is designed to take voltage input ranging from 12-48V and convert it to selectable lower voltages, enabling unprecedented high efficiency.

Consisting of five monolithic, configurable, high-voltage switch capacitor ICs, the new product family is targeted to both non-isolated and isolated, buck or boost dc-dc converter applications. Specific applications include appliances, communications equipment, VoIP phones, high-resolution video for machine vision and security cameras, smart lighting, smart audio/video entertainment, and electric vehicles.

The new dc-dc product family consists of ICs and evaluation boards for four general dc-dc application areas:

  • Multi-output product - 48V 15W dc-dc converter (2D-048-015A and MxC 290)
  • High-output product - 48V 15W dc-dc converter (2D-048-015B and MxC 291/ MxC 293)
  • Voltage-boost product - 12V 3W dc-dc converter (2U-012-010A and MxC 284)
  • Capacitive Isolation (CapIso™) product (pictured at the top of this article) - 48V 10W dc-dc converter (2I-048-010A and MxC 270) and 24V 10W dc-dc converter (2D-024-010A and MxC 274)

Block diagram of multi-output configuration (click on diagram to enlarge)

With the increasing adoption of IoT, smart grids, energy storage systems, and electric automobiles, as well as the increasing demand for enhanced power density, the market for dc-dc converters continues to grow. In fact, one report forecasts that the global dc-dc converter market will reach nearly $4 billion by 2023.

Harold A. Blomquist, president and CEO of Helix Semiconductors, said, "As the market for dc-dc applications continues to grow, there is a significant need for highly efficient dc-dc solutions to power these applications. Because our patented MuxCapacitor® technology is highly adaptable, we were able to swiftly develop a new dc-dc product family that offers the most energy-efficient-per-density solution on the market. And as more dc-dc applications surface that can utilize this technology, we will continue to expand this family of products."

Helix Semiconductors' family of dc-dc products - including devices and evaluation boards - are being stocked on distributor shelves and will be available to customers later in Q2. The new dc-dc product family can be seen this week at PCIM Europe, in Helix Semiconductors' booth #355 in Hall 6 on the show floor of the Messe Nürnberg event grounds.