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Surge Protection Kits for Ultra-High-Power-over-Ethernet

June 07, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Transtector Systems launched a comprehensive family of surge protection kits engineered for ultra-high power over Ethernet (UHPoE) applications. They meet the growing demand for reliable protection in outdoor intelligent transportation services (ITS), IP security, CCTV, and other installations.

Each Transtector UHPoE-series kit includes the company's ALPU Fit and DPR Fit PoE++ surge protection units coupled with L-Com Cat6a cabling (available in various lengths). The kits offering a complete solution that is tested and validated for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The move towards higher power PoE to meet increasing requirements for data delivery has prompted additional complexities in deployment and ongoing usage. Outdoor installations of PoE+ and PoE++ cameras and radios face numerous obstacles to ensuring uninterrupted data transmission. Transtector ALPU Fit and DPR Fit units face these demands directly, reliably protecting sensitive equipment from lightning strikes and other surges.

Fully configured Transtector UHPoE kits address not only surge protection, but also include grounding and accessories that are PoE++, GbE and outdoor-rated, thereby decreasing the risk of transmission interruption during outside interference events.

"Mission-critical outdoor applications are growing so quickly, and they typically handle vital operations, whether it's security for an essential installation, cargo inspection or any number of situations," said Gabriel Guglielmi, Vice President of Product Management. "There's a high level of exposure in all of these applications, and with the UHPoE kits, we're providing simple, effective, configurable solutions engineered specifically for the environment."

Transtector says that the company tests each DPR Fit, ALPU Fit and cable as one unit to pass full power and data to powered devices. A complete test report is included with each kit shipped. Each also includes interoperability certification from the Ethernet Alliance, basically future-proofing the UHPoE applications if users choose to replace radios and cameras with new equipment.

Additional key features

  • Cable length options: 10 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet, 200 feet, and 250 feet
  • ALPU Fit and DPR Fit SPDs utilize hybrid SASD technology for long-term reliability and minimized degradation
  • Rugged, weatherized enclosure design includes high-quality grommets and gaskets, as well as corrosion, UV, and salt fog protection
  • Pole- or wall-mountable