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STMicroelectronics (ST) Unveils A New Series of 800V Power MOSFETS

October 27, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The new super-junction power MOSFETs offer the best available figures of merit for RDS(on) x Area of any 800V device on the market.

ST’s STP80N240K6 is the first available member of the new 800V STPOWER MDmesh K6 series. It 

features a maximum RDS(on) of 220mΩ for high power efficiency, while a typical Qg of 25.9nC assures high switching speeds for low losses. 


The 800V Mdmesh K6 series. Image courtesy of ST


A sequel to ST’s successful K5 series, the new 800V STPOWER MDmesh K6 series is composed of power MOSFETs featuring lower gate-source threshold voltages, allowing designers to utilize lower driving voltages than previously required, saving power and enhancing efficiency largely for zero-watt standby applications. 


Early Market Acceptance

As reported by Luca Colombo, CTO and R&D Manager, TCI, an Italian solid-state lighting innovator, “We have tested and evaluated samples of the new Super Junction Very High Voltage MDmesh K6 series and have noted and been very impressed with the outstanding Rdson*area and Total Gate charge (Qg) performance characteristics.” 


Special Note

The conditions described in the sections below are largely subject to additional conditions and specifications that are described completely in the datasheet.


Absolute Maximums 

  • Maximum Gate-source voltage: ±30 V
  • Maximum drain current is 16A at 25℃ and 10A at 100℃
  • Pulsed drain current: 35A maximum
  • Total power dissipation at 25℃: 140W


Thermal Data 

  • Thermal resistance, junction-to-case: 0.89 °C/W
  • Thermal resistance, junction-to-ambient: 62.5 °C/W


Avalanche Characteristics

If a MOSFET is employed in a flyback circuit, avalanche breakdown can occur during the turn-off of an inductive load. This can happen if a spike is generated that is greater than the device’s breakdown voltages.

  • Avalanche current, repetitive or not repetitive: 3.3A
  • Single pulse avalanche energy: 200mJ


ON/OFF States

  • Drain current with gate voltage at zero and drain-source voltage at 800V: 1µA
  • Gate body leakage current with VGS = ±20 V and VDS = 0 V: ±1 μA
  • Gate threshold voltage is typically 3.5V
  • Typical and maximum RDS(ON)s are 197 and 220mΩ, respectively


Dynamic Conditions

  • Input capacitance: 1350pF (typ)
  • Output capacitance: 22pf (typ)
  • Total gate charge: 25.9nC
  • Gate-source Charge: 6.9nC
  • Gate drain charge: 8.4nC


Switching Times

  • Turn-on delay time: 16ns (typ)
  • Rise time: 5.3ns (typ)
  • Turn-off delay time: 47.8ns (typ)
  • Fall time: 12ns (typ)



All MOSFETs, by the nature of their fabrication, feature a source-drain body diode.

The STP80N240K6, with its zener protection between gate and source, and its source-to-drain body diode. Image courtesy of the datasheet


  • Reverse recovery time: 335ns
  • Reverse recovery charge: 5.4UC
  • Reverse recovery current: 27.5A



STP80N240K6 will serve well for flyback topology based applications in:

  • High intensity discharge (HID) lamps
  • LED lighting drivers
  • Chargers and Adapters.
  • Switched mode power supplies (SMPS)



  • The STP80N240K6 is currently available in a TO-220 through-hole package. ST advises that DPAK and TO-220FP versions will be ready as of January 2022

The device operates over a maximum junction temperature range of from -55 to 150°C