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Sonoscans Steve Martell Wins IPC Presidents Award

May 01, 2015 by Sonoscan

Steve Martell received the IPC President’s Award during the IPC APEX EXPO® at the San Diego Convention Center

Steve Martell, Manager for Advanced Applications Support at Sonoscan, received the IPC President’s Award during the IPC APEX EXPO® at the San Diego Convention Center on March 3. 

Soon to celebrate his thirtieth year at Sonoscan, Martell was honored for his service to the electronics industry and to the IPC. His years among Sonoscan’s innovative engineers, alongside the world’s largest acoustic testing laboratory for components (Sono-Lab®), let him make unique contributions to component and assembly standards, technology and education.

Over the years he has brought Sonoscan’s technological expertise to a number of IPC committees, and currently is a member of nine IPC committees that focus on the areas. He is the chairman of two of these committees. Because he deals with applications where Sonoscan’s C-SAM® technology solves problems, Martell’s work covers the entire spectrum from the Front End environment (wafers, ingots) to Mid End (3D ICs) to Back End (electronic components) to populated printed circuit boards.

In addition to serving as the liaison with organizations concerned with standards within the electronics industry, Martell is also responsible for Sonoscan’s applications support and especially for automated in-line Acoustic Micro Imaging Systems used in manufacturing.


About Sonoscan

Since its inception Sonoscan introduced the new field of Acoustic Micro Imaging by developing the first commercially-available acoustic microscope, the Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscope (SLAM™), in 1975 which was cited by R&D Magazine and it was awarded one of the 100 most innovative new products.

Sonoscan’s founder and president, Dr. Lawrence Kessler, is a highly regarded expert in the field of ultrasonics and imaging systems. Dr. Kessler is committed to the continuous development of Acoustic Microscopy technologies through educational programs, client application reviews and new system development.

This dedication to Acoustic Microscopy is the core of Sonoscan. We continually strive to deliver extraordinary data accuracy, superior image quality and unsurpassed technical expertise. The company also holds more US and foreign patents related to AMI technology than any other manufacturer.