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Single-Port 5GBase-T 60W and 100W 4-Pair Power over Ethernet

January 23, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Bel Magnetic Solutions has introduced single-port 5GBase-T 60W and 100W 4-pair Power over Ethernet (PoE) MagJack® integrated connector modules (ICMs). These 5GBase-T ICMs offer 60W or 100W of power over standard Ethernet cable at 5G speeds, allowing customers to upgrade their product performance for optimal power and speed.

Bel Magnetic Solutions 5GBase-T ICMs are designed for today’s PoE products that demand amplified power transmission and faster data speeds, making them well-suited for 5G cellular applications, access points and IP-camera applications.

The 5GBase-T ICMs double the amount of power used in current 60W applications while increasing system speeds to 5 times over standard Gigabit Ethernet.

These ICMs are compatible with all major 5GBase-T PHYs, including the latest current-mode and voltage-mode PHYs and are backward compatible to slower speeds and lower powers as needed. Industry standard footprints and pin-outs allow drop-in replacements for 1G products, with no PCB changes needed.

Common part numbers:

  • Bel 60W = 0826-1X1T-JK-F, TRP 60W = 2250477-1
  • Bel 100W = 0826-1X1T-KL-F, TRP 100W = 2250507-1

Single Port 5GBase-T 60W and 100W 4-pair PoE MagJack® ICMs are in stock with Digi-Key,