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SEMIKRON Foundation Announces Call for Innovation and Young Leader Awards

October 18, 2019 by SEMIKRON

SEMIKRON Foundation Announces Call for Innovation and Young Leader Awards

The SEMIKRON Innovation Award and the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award is given for outstanding innovations in projects, prototypes, services or novel concepts in the field of power electronics in Europe, combined with notable societal benefits in form of supporting environmental protection and sustainability by improving energy efficiency and conservation of resources. 

Both prizes have been initiated and are donated by the SEMIKRON Foundation which is awarding the prizes in cooperation with the European ECPE Network. 

With the award, the SEMIKRON Foundation wants to motivate people of all ages and organizations of any legal status to deal with innovations in power electronics, a key technology of the 21st century, in order to improve environmental protection and sustainability by energy efficiency and conservation of resources. 

The SEMIKRON Innovation and Young Engineer Prizes 2020 will be awarded in the frame of the ECPE Annual Event in March 2020 in Berlin. A single person or a team of researchers can be awarded. ➢ SEMIKRON Innovation Award includes prize money of EUR 10.000,00. 

SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award for researchers who have not yet completed their 30th year of age includes prize money of EUR 3.000,00. 


Selection Criteria

Degree of innovation:

The award targets at projects, prototypes, services and novel concepts developed in Europe, which did not yet appear on the market, which are used in a novel application, or which form an absolute novelty, and therewith fulfill the requirement to be extraordinary and remarkable. Sole project proposals are not in the scope of the call, the innovation should have been verified by experiment or simulation. The degree of innovation has to conform to international standards. 


Societal benefit: 

The societal benefit of the innovation regarding the increase of energy efficiency, conservation of resources, sustainability and environmental protection. 


Selection procedure: 

The selection procedure for the prize winners is organized in cooperation with ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V.. The submitted proposals will be passed to an independent and neutral evaluation committee of experts for discussion and assessment. The expert reviewers are appointed by the SEMIKRON Foundation in agreement with the ECPE Board of Directors. The number of experts should be at least five. The evaluation committee decides on the submitted proposals by the majority vote. Selection and awarding of the prize winners are done with exclusion of the jurisdiction. 

To apply for the SEMIKRON Awards own applications as well as proposals from third parties are welcomed. 

Send proposals to Thomas Harder, General Manager of ECPE e.V., [email protected]. The receipt of your proposal will be confirmed by email immediately. The deadline for submissions ends January 15, 2020. 



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