New Industry Products

SELV60-Rated Highly-Integrated LED Driver Platform

July 25, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Helvar announced LOOP, the company’s first looping mechanics for LED drivers. LOOP is a combination of an SELV60 LED driver with terminals, integrated strain reliefs and, in DALI drivers, additional control terminals for fast and accurate wiring.

These new mechanics are optimized for independent usage applications where safe and stable installation is needed.

The drivers enable looping of mains and DALI wires with doubled input terminals throughout the driver, saving time and effort on a site’s actual wiring work. Bigger looping connectors allow quick cable connections, and also support a variety of wire thicknesses.

Wires are secured to the driver with click-on cable clamps, and the strain relief cover clicks on effortlessly, securing connections without any need for screws. Installation on site is faster since not a single screw or tool is required–wires are secure in their robust, sturdy housing.

Drivers with LOOP mechanics are designed for independent use with Class I, II and III SELV60 rated luminaires.

Helvar’s first LOOP LED drivers are constant current drivers for 35W and 51 W, soon followed by DALI-2 versions and other power options.