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Satcon Introduces 1MW Photovoltaic Inverter

September 07, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Satcon announced that they are taking orders for their PowerGate™Plus 1MW commercial PV inverter system, designed with advanced features for large scale utility installations.

"It is exciting to see the industry move toward larger scale projects," said Tobin Booth, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Oak Energy. "The demand for utility grade installations is increasing at a rapid pace and systems of this size and scale require higher levels of efficiency and overall performance. With the addition of the 1 megawatt PowerGate Plus unit, Satcon continues to deliver the next generation of solutions for these large projects."

Satcon’s 1MW PowerGate™ Plus is delivered as a fully integrated power conditioning system for rapid and reliable installation. Based on the company’s line of 1.2 and 2.4MW fuel cell inverters, the 1MW PV inverter is designed from the ground up to maximize the energy from the solar array and to ensure maximum energy delivery over much longer distances typical for large-area array systems. All PowerGate™ Plus solutions leverage Edge™, Satcon’s next generation MPPT solution to optimize the power production window and significantly boost a solar PV plant kilowatt yield.

"Our PowerGate Plus 1MW system will set the new standard for output efficiency and quality in the power conditioning industry," said Dr. Leo Casey, Satcon’s Chief Technology Officer. "We worked closely with our customers and partners to engineer our solutions with the intelligence and advanced control capabilities required to manage large scale, utility grade solar energy production."

Delivery for the PowerGate™ Plus 1MW units will begin in the first quarter of 2009.