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Saft Launches 56V-LEV Super-Phosphate Li-ion Battery

January 21, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Saft has recently launched a new product in the Xcelion® line, the Xcelion 56V-LEV battery, designed as a more economical option for low-current, 48V continuous cycling applications, particularly in the defense industry.

This development represents the growth of the Xcelion product line, aimed at offering lower weight, longer life, and greater overall capability and intelligence compared to traditional battery technologies. The Xcelion 56V-LEV battery builds upon the existing and proven technology behind the original Xcelion 6T launched in 2015.

The newer product, the sixth in the Xcelion line, offers a more streamlined design for applications that require continuous cycling and don’t need the cranking power required of vehicle applications addressed by the Xcelion 6T. The product has potential for use in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) applications for military, defense ground stations, electric mobility and back-up power storage.

“Our customers requested this more streamlined, affordable option in our Xcelion line, and we are proud to deliver this excellent product in response,” said Annie Sennet, President and CEO of Saft America and Executive Vice President of Saft’s Space and Defense division. “The Xcelion 56V-LEV battery retains Saft’s usual high quality and high safety standards, which are critical for use in the defense industry—the safety of soldiers is paramount.”

Saft has also launched the Xcelion 6T-E for applications requiring longer run-times (such as Silent watch missions on military vehicles), the Xcelion 56V for higher voltage applications (which is available in both power and energy versions), and the Xcelion 6T Type 1-A that is designed to meet MIL-PRF-32565 Rev B and provides unsurpassed cold cranking performance and safety. The 41Ah Li-ion battery is an off-the-shelf solution with a nominal voltage of 26.4V and is the only Li-ion battery that meets cold temperature performance requirements (1,100A at -18 C° for 30 seconds with no pre-heating and 400A at -40 C° for 30 seconds with no pre-heating).

The Xcelion 56V-LEV also includes the same standard safety features that the product line is known for, such as using abuse-tolerant Super-Phosphate® Li-ion technology and a battery management system (BMS). Unlike lead-acid batteries, smart battery features enable communication with the end user which provides information about the battery state of health, state of charge, and other functions.