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Renesas Introduces New Power MOSFETs With 8-Pin HSON Package for Compact Automotive Electronic Units

August 09, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Renesas Electronics Corp. introduced seven new power metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistor (MOSFET) products equipped in HSON packages for use in automotive electronic control units for applications including direct injection engine management and electric pump motor control.

The new products, including N-channel MOSFETs with voltage ratings of 40 and 60V and P-channel MOSFETs with a voltage rating of --30V, can be used for solenoids and motor switching or to protect against reversed battery conditions. The new products have the following features: (1) available in HSON packages that are approximately one-half the size of the existing TO-252 package, (2) can switch currents up to 75Adc, and (3) support channel temperatures up to 175°C. Of note, the NP75N04YUG device features continuous current of 75A and a low on-resistance maximum rating of 4.8mΩ, said by the company to be the best-in-class performance among the industry’s existing automotive power MOSFETs in equivalent packages.

The number of vehicle electronic control units increases each year, creating a need to minimize module size and weight while maximizing functionality. Renesas Electronics’ new power MOSFET products were designed specifically to meet the demand for compact, power-dense systems. The newly developed 8-pin HSON package is of a quality suitable for use in automotive electrical systems, while retaining the same performance as larger TO-252 package MOSFET products.

The newly developed 8-pin HSON package has 48% of the surface area of the previous TO-252 package. Despite its compact size, the NP75N04YUG power MOSFET has a low channel-to-case thermal resistance of 1.09°C per watt (degC/W). Thus it can handle a maximum continuous power level of 138W when the case temperature is fixed at 25°C.

Renesas’ NP74N04YUG, NP75N04YUG and NP75P03YDG power MOSFETs manage currents up to 75A. Multiple aluminum interconnects, a proven technology in automotive MOSFET packaging, contributes to improved large-current capability.

The seven new devices, which are a part of Renesas Electronics’ NP-series of automotive power MOSFETs, are specified up to 175°C channel temperature and are qualified to AEC-Q101 automotive standards. These MOSFET products are also suitable for use in high-temperature environments such as the engine compartment.

Samples of Renesas Electronics’ new power MOSFETs are available now with volume production scheduled to begin in August 2010. Pricing varies depending on product current capability and begins at US$0.65 in 1,000-piece quantities for the NP23N06YDG device.