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ProtonElectrotex Celebrates Its 23rd Anniversary

February 06, 2019 by Proton-Electrotex

Today, on February the 6th, Russian manufacturer of power electronics Proton-Electrotex celebrates its 23rd anniversary.

Today, on February the 6th, Russian manufacturer of power electronics Proton-Electrotex celebrates its 23rd anniversary. The company was established in 1996 and in just a few years managed to become an established brand in the high-tech industry of semiconductor devices. 

In these years the company has developed a complete portfolio of power semiconductors used in electric transport, power grids, metallurgy, arc welding, and many other industries. The first project of the company was disc and stud diodes and thyristors. In 2003, production of power modules launched, followed by IGBT modules in 2016. Today the company continues its research of new IGBTs, and devices based on silicon carbide. 

In 2018 the company set several financial and production records. Turnover increased by near 20%, and the number of active clients reached 1,200 organizations. Proton-Electrotex continues to expand its staff and remains the key Russian company in the field of power semiconductors. 

Other achievements in 2018 included taking the 10th place among all the industrial organizations of Russia according to the rating of the radio-electronic industry of Russia, passing the second stage of “Made in Russia!” voluntary certification, being listed for the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation project “National champions”, and establishing relations with several new major distributors. 

Obviously, the company is not going to stop there and keeps planning new projects. There are still many other successes and achievements ahead. Proton-Electrotex thanks each of our employees and partners for another successful year! 

About Proton-Electrotex

Proton-Electrotex is one of the Russian leaders in the design and manufacture of power semiconductor diodes, thyristors, modules, coolers, IGBTs (IGBTs), as well as power units for use in various electric energy converters. The company was founded and began production in 1996 on the leased premises of the Proton plant. Since then, Proton-Electrotex has developed its own infrastructure for the entire production cycle. Production is equipped with modern production lines, measuring equipment of our own production and areas for “clean technologies” with full compliance with the requirements for electronic products and microelectronics.