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Powermat and Haier Partner to Embed Wireless Technology Into White Goods and Digital Products

January 09, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Haier (a producer of household appliances, including air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators) and Powermat announced their mutual intent to introduce Powermat wireless capability into white goods and digital products. The deal will further expand the options available to consumers to experience the freedom and convenience of wireless power in all areas of the home.

In keeping with the Powermat vision to create a world without wires, this joint venture will aid in the development of enhanced surfaces that act as distribution points for wireless energy. For instance, tabletop surfaces when equipped with Powermat wireless technology, will become energy hubs that simultaneously charge mobile phones, while powering laptops and other devices as well. Kitchen surfaces too, will directly power small home appliances such as blenders, rice makers and juice makers directly through wireless surfaces.

"Haier is committed to creating value for global users and becoming a wonderful life solution provider. Not only individual products, but also total solutions for consumers to have the best and unique living experience with green and intelligent technology," said Zida Yu CTO of Haier.

More than just a modern aide for streamlining kitchen activity, Powermat also facilitates safety in areas where water and electricity have the potential to mix. "Not only will the home of tomorrow become a place of greater convenience, it will also became a safer environment because, while water and electricity do not mix, Powermat transfers energy as opposed to electricity," said Ran Poliakine CEO of Powermat.