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Power FET Gate Driver for Automotive Applications

March 31, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) today announced the launch of the TPD7104F, a single channel, high-side, N-channel power MOSFET gate driver designed for use in automotive applications. The TPD7104F is suited for use in automotive applications using 12V batteries to operate high-side N-channel MOSFETs.

The TPD7104F enables the use of cost-effective N-channel power MOSFETs for high-side switching applications. The new IC features a self-contained charge pump that enhances an N-channel MOSFET switch and eliminates the need for external components. All of this functionality comes in a small PS-8 package (2.8mm x 2.9mm).

The TPD7104F is designed for use in automotive applications such as semiconductor relays and load switches. Examples include idle stop and electric power steering systems. The TPD7104F is scheduled to be AECQ-100 qualified by the Automotive Electronics Council in 2015.

Key features include: BiCD 0.13μm process; Supply voltage, VDD(opr)=5 to 18V; Built-in protection and diagnostic functions for overcurrent and output voltage; VOUT=VDD+8V(Min)@VDD=5V, IOUT=-100μA, Tj=-40 to 125 degrees C; VOUT=VDD+10V(Min)@VDD=8 to 18V, IOUT=-100μA, Tj=-40 to 125 degrees C ; and PS-8 (2.8mm x 2.9mm) package. The TPD7104F is now shipping.