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PMSM Motor Control Dev Board for Automotive Systems

January 25, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The NXP MTRCKTSPS5744P motor control development kit is designed for applications requiring one permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), such as power steering or electric powertrain. This development kit is designed to enable rapid prototyping and evaluation of the motor control application early in the design process

Target applications include; Braking and stability control, Electric power steering, Active suspension, Hybrid electric vehicles, Transitions and gearbox, and so on.

The kit includes a 32-bit NXP MPC5744P MCU based controller board and the 3-phase low-voltage power stage board. The Application software that provides a complete reference implementation of the PMSM motor control application and takes advantage of the Automotive Math and Motor Control Library Set.

This development platform has the capability to drive a wide range of electric motors thanks to tightly interconnected motor control peripherals. The proposed design exhibits the suitability and advantages of the MPC5744P microcontroller for motor control applications.

Motor control algorithm concept (click on image to enlarge)

It also serves as an example of a PMSM control design using the NXP 32-bit MCU built on the Power Architecture™ technology. And it meets the highest functional safety standards for automotive and industrial functional safety applications.


  • NXP MPC5744P MCU Controller Board with JTAG and NEXUS debug interface
  • 3-phase low-voltage power stage based on SMARTMOS® MC33937A pre-driver
  • Supports low-voltage PMSM motors with resolver position sensor
  • DC-bus overvoltage, overcurrent, and undervoltage fault detection
  • ANSI-C based example Software and Hardware in S32DS IDE for Power Architecture-based MCUs
  • FreeMASTER Tool for Project visualization
  • MCAT tool 1.0 part of S/W package
  • Extensive documentation for S/W and H/W