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Philips Intros Low VCEsat BISS Transistor Family

May 01, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Royal Philips Electronics (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) announced a significant advancement for the innovative Low VCEsat (BISS) transistor family. Pushing performance boundaries, Philips has become the first semiconductor company to offer the market BISS transistors in the 1612-sized SOT666/SS-Mini package.

Capable of collector currents up to 2A, the PBSS4240V and PBSS5240V offer best-in-class performance, delivering increased capabilities that require 41% less PCB space compared to other well-known 1A devices in SOT23. The PBSS4240V and PBSS5240V also offer low collector-emitter resistance (RCEsat = 190 mO) and due to less heat generation, can improve the efficiency of entire circuits.

The SOT666 BISS transistors are suitable for power management applications, including dc/dc conversion, supply line switching and LCD back lighting in portable electronic goods, including mobile phones and laptops. The new BISS transistors can also drive LEDs, relays and buzzers and are a cost-effective alternative to MOSFETs in specific applications.