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Pendulum Instruments introduces a new EMC-Scanner from Detectus

January 12, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights Pendulum Instruments SCN-500 that offers a flexible solution for early detection of EMC hot spots in the product development phase

Stockholm January 12th, 2021. Pendulum Instruments, the global expert in time & frequency measurement, analysis, and calibration, announces today the release of the new SCN-500 EMC-Scanner.


Pendulum Instruments introduces a new EMC-Scanner from Detectus
Image courtest of Pendulum Instruments

The Swedish world leading EMC-Scanner company Detectus AB was acquired by Pendulum Instruments in July 2020. The SCN-500 EMC-Scanner is the first new Detectus product after the acquisition. 

The Detectus SCN-500 measures the electromagnetic emission of components, boards, cables, and products over a wide bandwidth. Emphasize is put on ease-of-use via the powerful and easy-to-use DSS SW, so that any engineer, not only EMC experts, can easily view EMC hot spots and make comparative measurements.

SCN-500 offers a flexible solution for early detection of EMC hot spots in the product development phase, so that potential problems can be remedied easier and with lower cost, than in the final product. Pre-compliance EMC measurements can be made in 4D (3D xyz movement of field probe plus rotation), with a step size of 0.1 mm on test volumes up to 600x400x300 mm. Options include e.g., immunity measurement SW, and a laser distance meter for automatic 3D-modeling of the Device-under-Test. The performance/price ratio is claimed to be higher than any competitive solution, with prices starting below 10k€. 

“The new SCN-500 is an important addition to our product portfolio, where we offer our customers a powerful EMC hot-spot test solution, at an affordable cost, that allows the designers to make early corrections of the design, and to avoid costly re-visits to the accredited EMC test lab", says Harald Kruger, Global Sales Director of Pendulum Instruments.

“We are very happy to see our new product being launched by the vast Pendulum distribution network, with their competence in global sales to the electronic R&D community”, says Jan Eriksson, Sales manager at Pendulum Instruments, and former CEO of Detectus.


About Pendulum Instruments

Pendulum Instruments is a world leading supplier of test & measurement solutions for measurements, analysis, and calibration of time and frequency. Latest company acquisitions in 2020 include Detectus AB, expert in EMC-Scanning, and FLC Electronics AB, experts in High-Voltage Linear Amplifiers.

Pendulum Instruments has offices in Sweden, Poland, USA, and China, and has a global distribution network with approx. 100 distributors and sales representatives world-wide.