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Passive Harmonic Filters for Drives Up To 500kW

March 24, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Schaffner announced its new ecosine® max passive harmonic filter series. These new filters are designed to reliably mitigate excessive harmonics in most demanding applications. The new ecosine® max filter series FN3470/71, FN3480/81, FN3472/73 and FN3482/83 with versions for 400Vac and 480Vac, 50Hz and 60Hz networks are based on Schaffner ecosine® platform.

They are the key passive power quality offer for higher power ranges (250kW to 500kW) that can be found in demanding drive applications. The three-chokes versions FN3470/80/72/82 are designed to achieve <5% THDi at rated power even when using drives without dc-link choke. The more economical two-chokes versions FN3471/81/73/83 are designed to achieve <5% THDi at rated power if used with drives including at least 4% dc-link choke. They can also be applied to drives without dc-link choke reaching a THDi of 8%.

The industry’s most advanced passive harmonic filter ecosine® max guarantee compliance with the requirements of IEEE-519 and other stringent national or international power quality standards. While using ecosine® max filters the electrical infrastructure is unburdened, and its utilization is much more efficient and reliable.

Furthermore, the service life cycle of electrical equipment is extended, and energy costs can be reduced. All ecosine® max filters are CE-marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant.

All versions are offered either with a circuit breaker switch protecting the trap capacitor bank or with a trap disconnect jumper to allow any third-party circuit breaker switch to be installed. This protection ensures the operational safety of the device even under all circumstances.

All ecosine® max filter series, like all Schaffner active and passive harmonic filters, are already fully supported in Schaffner’s well known power quality simulator SchaffnerPQS3.