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NIC Components Releases NAZP Series of SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

October 23, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

NAZP series features high CV in reduced case sizes with low impedance and high ripple current ratings for use in power conversion (DC-DC) and regulator applications.

NIC Components Corp. is pleased to announce the release of the NAZP product series of surface mount SMT aluminum electrolytic capacitors featuring extended 7000-hour load life ratings at +105°C (which corresponds to 28,000 hours at +85°C and 112,000 hours at +65°C).


Image used courtesy of NIC Components Corp.


The NAZP series is supported in capacitance values from 100uF to 470uF, with voltage ratings covering 16V to 50VDC in two case sizes; 8x10.8 and 10x10.8mm (∅DxL). The SMT construction is halogen-free, RoHS & REACH compliant, and compatible with +250°C peak Pb-free reflow soldering processes. Evaluation samples are available upon request. Please contact NIC today to review your requirements.



  • Reduced Case Sizes, Low Profile for High Density Designs
  • Cylindrical V-Chip Construction for Surface Mounting
  • Designed for Automatic Mounting, and Reflow Soldering
  • Long Life: 7,000 Hours @ +105°C
  • Low Impedance & High Ripple Current At 100khz
  • Suitable for DC-DC Converter and Regulator Applications
  • Available with Wide Anti-Vibration Terminations



  • DC-DC Power Circuits
  • Bulk Decoupling
  • Power Control
  • Point of Load Regulators
  • High-Reliability
  • Enterprise-Level


PDF Specification: